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Why Boris Kodjoe Was Intimidated by ‘Code Black’ Co-Star Rob Lowe

The hit CBS medical drama “Code Black” stars the very handsome twosome of Rob Lowe and Boris Kodjoe. Now, Boris is spilling about his first meeting with Rob.

When Rob was added to the cast of “Code Black,” Boris made sure to do a little research on his co-star, telling “Extra’s” Renee Bargh on set, “Rob Lowe is a living legend. I saw pictures of him before I met him and he looked flawless and then I met him in person and he's still that flawless. It’s quite intimidating.”

After Renee admitted she was happy she was sent to do the set visit, Boris decided to make her blush when asking about her clothing choice for the interview. “Is that why you're wearing your wedding gown?” Renee answered, “This is not a wedding gown,” but Boris disagreed, arguing, “In some countries it’s considered a wedding gown."

Tune in to “Code Black” Wednesdays on CBS.

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