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Who Was Amber Heard Before Johnny Depp?

Before Amber Heard became Johnny Depp’s wife, she was a fresh-faced girl from Austin, Texas, who was chasing her acting dreams in Hollywood like so many others.

When Amber first hit the Hollywood scene, she was adamant about not dating an actor. In her first interview with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway in 2007, she explained, "In an idylic world, I would not go out with an actor because I know our job, and how hard it is. I tend to not want to date actors."

Three years later, Amber and Johnny would meet on the set of their film “The Rum Diary.” When asked about working with Johnny, she joked at the film’s NY premiere, "It's torture. But I survived."

Though Amber’s nasty divorce from Johnny may become part of Hollywood history forever, she wants to be remembered differently. At the age of 21, she told AJ, "I think it's important to remember where you come from and I always will; I'll always be a girl from Texas. No one can ever take that away from me."

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