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Would Tom Hanks Run for President?

Tom Hanks was recently honored by the Museum of Modern Art for his 36 years on the big screen, but it was his comments on the recent political climate that might raise some eyebrows.

Director and liberal activist Michael Moore recently suggested the Democrats run figures like Tom Hanks or Oprah Winfrey for president. When “Extra's” AJ Calloway questioned Tom about possibly running for president, the Oscar winner replied, “What is this, Costa Rica? Are we some small-time Latin American country?”

His wife, Rita Wilson, chimed in, “There you go. See? You've already offended Latin American countries.”

The actor then joked, "Well, just the ones with former game show hosts who are running for president."

Tom, a Hillary Clinton supporter, did get serious about President-elect Donald Trump, saying, “I hope he does such a good job that we vote for his re-election in four years.” After Rita prodded him with a surprised, “Really?” he followed up with, “That’s what I hope.”

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