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Michelle Obama's Full Thank You Speech to 'Extra' & 'NCIS'

First Lady Michelle Obama showed some love for "Extra" and "NCIS" for helping her make a difference in the lives of military families.

On the issue, she said, “Many military families have to move every few years to a new base in a new state, and this used to present a serious challenge for military spouses who had jobs that required licenses. In 47 states, those licenses didn't transfer over state-lines."

Fast-forward to summer, and those concerns have been addressed. Michelle recently shared, “Thanks in part to promotion from our friends at ‘Extra,' viewership was off the charts. Today, I'm proud to announce that all 50 states have taken action to fix this problem. So, to 'NCIS,' ‘Extra,' and everyone that supports our incredible military families, thank you so much and God bless.”

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