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Is ‘Bachelor’ Star Arie Luyendyk Engaged — How Did He Find the One?

The new season of “The Bachelor” premiered last night, and the new Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. joined “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at Universal Studios today to break it all down!

Arie is searching for love after falling in love and not getting the final rose from Emily Maynard. Now, he has revealed he fell in love with two women, saying, “I am happy, but I did fall in love with two women... it was very difficult.”

As for how he chose one, the 36-year-old revealed, “The whole time I was thinking more about what comes next, life outside of this, how this person fit with my life at home, would my friends and family like her.”

“You have to think more logically and that is so hard because there is so much emotion involved. It really comes down to who’s a best fit and it’s a two-way street,” Arie added.

Is he engaged? Luyendyk Jr. played coy, saying, "You'll have to watch and find out," emphasizing, “The end is tough and it’s dramatic.”

The race car driver also stayed mum about his former co-star Jef Holm, who received the final rose from Emily and sounded-off on social media last night, betting $5,000 that Arie’s “Bachelor” relationship won’t last. Arie said, “I haven’t spoken to Jef since Sean’s wedding and that was four years ago, but hey, I am just going to concentrate on me and I got bigger things to worry about.”

Luyendyk shared his thoughts on his nickname — "the Kissing Bandit" —pointing out that he didn’t kiss all the girls. As for why he gave Chelsea the first impression rose even though she made the first impression of being the villain to many, Arie explained, “I don’t see the other side of it... She gave me that confidence and really made me feel like she was there for me, so I gave her a rose."