At Universal Studios Hollywood

Kaley Cuoco Dishes on 'Amazing Boyfriend' and Secret to Their Relationship

Kaley Cuoco Dishes on 'Amazing Boyfriend' and Secret to Their Relationship

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez recently sat down with Kaley Cuoco at Universal Studios Hollywood, where she gushed about boyfriend Karl Cook.

Cuoco shared, “I have an amazing boyfriend and life couldn’t be better.”

The 31-year-old and the professional equestrian have been dating for over a year, but what’s their secret? She revealed that common interests are "very important.” They share a love of horses, she said. "He rides professionally so he teaches me a thing or two. I love riding; it's actually a physically demanding sport.”

Along with horseback riding, Kaley loves yoga, which is her “favorite thing.” She shared, “I love the hot yoga. I could do it right out here right now.” Despite the scorching heat during her appearance, she added, “Perfect place for a class.”

Kaley even took Karl to a yoga class recently. She dished, “He said that he enjoyed it but he's not coming back. He's says, 'I'm sticking to the horses,' and I get it, totally get it.”

Love aside, Kaley also teased the upcoming eleventh season of “The Big Bang Theory,” saying, “You will all be very happy with the opening episode.”

Kaley was on hand to promote her partnership with Panera Bread, which just launched a new beverage station. She said, “Panera came out with this awesome cup and it tells you the calorie count of every drink at their store.”

She added that the cup “makes you more accountable.”

“The Big Bang Theory” returns Monday, September 25, on CBS.