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‘Bachelor in Paradise' Star Corinne Olympios Says She and DeMario Jackson 'Never Had a Problem'

‘Bachelor in Paradise' Star Corinne Olympios Says She and DeMario Jackson 'Never Had a Problem'

The end of "Bachelor in Paradise” is almost here, and Corinne Olympios is opening up to “Extra’s” Mario Lopez about her recent reunion with DeMario Jackson and what fans can expect from the finale.

Corinne and DeMario were photographed looking affectionate after being at the center of the “BiP” sex scandal.

Corinne explained to Mario, “Well, me and DeMario never had a problem,” adding that she never alleged he did anything wrong.

When Mario said, “I thought there was accusations flying around and everything,” Corinne replied, “No.”

Mario went on, “That wasn't from you guys? That was fabricated?” Corinne said, “That was totally false.”

Olympios detailed what actually went down, saying, ”There's obviously drinking in ‘Paradise.' And I was taking a new medication that I didn't realize you weren't supposed to drink on. It has very severe side effects. So, unfortunately, I had a really bad blackout.” She added, “And I wasn't remembering things. So we decided to shut everything down… make sure everybody was okay – safe.”

When the finale airs next week, DeMario and Corinne face off, “There's a lot of drama, but everything's going to be explained.”

Corinne also set the record straight over some pics of her kissing a mystery man in Las Vegas. She told Mario "that was like a mutual friend... it was nothing special. I was just hanging with him for the weekend."

What’s next now that “Paradise” is behind her? Corinne said she is not ruling out a shot at being "The Bachelorette." “I would absolutely do it,” she said. For now she's busy developing a new reality show, a scripted dating series, and her fashion line. “I'm so excited,” she said, describing her fashion, “It's kind of comfortable street wear.”

Catch Corinne in “Bachelor in Paradise” on Monday and Tuesday on ABC.