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Bethenny Frankel Is Ready to Date Again!

Bethenny Frankel Is Ready to Date Again!

"Extra's" Mario Lopez sat down with "The Real Housewives of New York" star Bethenny Frankel at Universal Studios Hollywood where she revealed she is ready to date again. Frankel put it this way: "I just turned my burners back on." She added that she is ready to get her love life "cooking"!

The business mogul explained she is in a good place following her high-profile divorce from Jason Hoppy, saying, “I feel good. I think I’m just in a good place, just an energetic place. I feel really happy… I’m enjoying life so much.”

With the divorce behind her, Bethenny said, “I’m happy because I’ve had some negativity that’s really started to pass and it makes such a difference. My daughter’s so great. She's seven, she’s a person, we have a great relationship, my business is doing incredibly well, I’m really focused.”

Frankel said that since breaking up with boyfriend Dennis Shields she is ready to start dating again.

“I just turned my burners back on, burners were off doing business, my child,” she joked. “Once you start, you get things cooking.”

Frankel, who took a few seasons off from “RHONY,” reflected on how far she has come, “The girl in Season 1, I didn’t know anything, everything was a question mark, ‘Will I ever be married? Will I ever have a child? Will I ever have any money? Can I support myself?’ I had all these dreams. I was just white-knuckling it. I was struggling so hard, and now I’ve hit my stride I know that I’m a strong, successful businesswoman. I know that I can give back and inspire to do it — I did it.”

The star is giving back with her new charity B Strong. “It’s for women in crisis,” she said. "Women are very strong. We hold it together and once we crack, it’s a disaster, and there are women who can’t turn their lights on and they're totally poor, in terrible abusive situations. We give them legal advice and financial help and life coaching — it’s going to be great.”

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