At Universal Studios Hollywood

Iggy Azalea Reveals What She’s Looking for in Her Dream Man

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down with Iggy Azalea at Universal Studios Hollywood, where she opened up on her love life.

Had a blast with Mario Lopez. Interview out tomorrow on @extratv!

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After her broken engagement Nick Young last year, “nothing is going on” in the romance department right now, but what is the 26-year-old looking for in a man? She commented, "I love a good V on a man… he’s gotta have a nice V and a nice D.” She went on about desired qualities, saying, “Has to be hilarious, 'cause I’m a pretty big goofball… he has to be taller than me without shoes on, 'cause I can be quite tall with shoes, I can be about 6 foot.”

Iggy explained why she can’t date a smaller man, saying, “I feel like I'd be nursing you and I don’t want to be breastfeeding my boyfriend.”

Boys aside, Iggy recently enjoyed a fun slumber party with Paris Hilton. She shared, “Yeah, we had a big girls’ night — it was kinda fun.” When Mario pressed for more details on what went down, Iggy added, “A lot of crazy dancing on a stripper pole, apparently… You have to! It’s Paris Hilton's house. You have to.”

Azalea is currently promoting her single “Switch” from her upcoming album “Digital Distortion,” dropping later this year. Of her new sound, Iggy called it "a lot of electric influence, definitely hip-hop, lots of stuff you can dance to.”