At Universal Studios Hollywood

Mario Lopez & Mark-Paul Gosselaar Remember Their Days on 'Saved by the Bell'

"Extra's" Mario Lopez caught up with his former "Saved by the Bell" co-star Mark-Paul Gosselaar at Universal Studios Hollywood, where they reminisced about their time on the hit show.

The two guys recently caused a stir when they appeared on the "The Tonight Show" as their characters from the show.

Mark-Paul asked Mario about the appearance, “How fun was it, though, to get back in the clothes?" Mario added, "I didn't know I had a jheri curl at the time — that was the crazy thing."

Gosselaar has moved on from his days playing "Zack Morris," starring on NBC's "Truth Be Told," also starring Tone Bell. On the show, Mark-Paul shared, "We're best friends, we live next door, we talk about things that friends talk about, ya know, race, religion, [and] sex."

The pilot centers on the topic of whether or not to hire a hot nanny. Mark says of the episode, "[Tone's character] sees her and he goes, 'Ya know what? I think I've seen her in porn.' How do you bring that up… and will that affect her being able to do her job?"

Mario responds, "You never hire a hot nanny, no matter what, 'cuz as a man, you wouldn't want the distraction… whether she's good or not."

Gosselaar and Bell recently accidentally recreated a moment from "Saved by the Bell" on the set of "Truth Be Told." Mark-Paul explained, "The back story behind that — it was a really hot day on the set.  We had those shirts on and in-between takes, we kept taking the shirts off. I'm standing there, like, déjà vu, so I pulled it up online, our original photo [from "Saved by the Bell"]. Check out the photo!

"Truth Be Told" airs tonight on NBC.