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UFC Women's Champ Ronda Rousey Hits Back at Laila Ali

Ms. @rondarousey can break my arm anytime... #Rowdy

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Ronda Rousey and Laila Ali have had fun sparring in the media over who’s the better fighter.

Ali, an undefeated ex-pro boxer, even went as far as to compare undefeated UFC Women’s Champ Rousey to her 3-year-old!

Ronda joined “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at Universal Studios Hollywood, where she responded to Ali’s remarks. “I understand her reasoning behind it,” Rousey explained. “She said I’s as small as a three year old. She has a big size advantage on me, but you know, I come from judo which is the martial art that emphasizes maximum efficiency with minimum effort and using someone’s size and strength against them. What she considers to be her advantage over me is what I would use against her.”

Rousey continued, “I box a lot as well as doing MMA so she’s never really done judo or martial arts, so I know more about her sport than she knows about mine, so I would be the better judge of who would win.”