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Katherine Schwarzenegger Calls Patrick and Miley 'Adorable'

Katherine Schwarzenegger Calls Patrick and Miley 'Adorable'

Katherine Schwarzenegger joined “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at Universal Studios Hollywood, where she chatted about her family and a recent study she did on social media. 

The 25-year-old also commented on her younger brother Patrick, who has been getting a lot of attention on social media for dating Miley Cyrus.

Katherine called the couple “adorable,” saying she is happy if he is happy, “You just want your sibling to be happy, if they’re with someone who makes them happy and in a happy healthy relationship then I’m happy.”

Schwarzenegger says one thing she has discovered is that social media makes women happy, “InStyle did a study and we actually found that social media improves the way women feel about themselves which I think it interesting because people think it makes us feel horrible about ourselves or that we’re not perfect enough.”
[[video]]Katherine uses social media to stay in touch with the rest of her family, “Everyone in my family is super active on social media, it’s great, I get to see where everyone is all the time since we’re all scattered now… Some people in my family tend to tweet things or Instagram things and make me laugh, it’s all good, it’s fun.”

Her mom, Maria Shriver, is very active on the internet campaigning for social causes, but has a rule about using devices during family dinners, “She makes us put our phones in the center of the table so no one is on them.”

Mario asked what Katherine thought about celebs like Kim Kardashian capitalizing on social media. “She’s done an amazing job at it, I follow her on Instagram and Twitter, I love everything she posts.”

You can read more about InStyle's social media study here.