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Eva Longoria Addresses Those Marriage and Pregnancy Rumors

"Extra's" Mario Lopez caught up with his good friend Eva Longoria to chat about her taking part in the new PBS documentary series "A Path Appears," which sheds light on the worldwide oppression of women. Eva also set the record straight on rumors that she is already married to businessman boyfriend Jose Antonio, and pregnant! 

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Mario said, "I hear you're pregnant and you're getting married on Valentine's Day." Eva replied, "Yes, and I think I'm pregnant with a monkey, apparently. No, I'm not. I'm not pregnant."

Eva also assured Mario she is not married, "This ring I keep putting it on this finger. I always wear it here and I keep moving it. I think it's my fault. I'm misleading people."

As for her PBS documentary series, "A Path Appears," Eva said, "It goes all over the world looking at women in need and kind of showcasing these amazing organizations creating change. I went to Cartagena, Colombia. Colombia has a teen pregnancy problem. It's an epidemic there. It's higher than any place in the world."

Eva also dished on turning 40 next month, "I'm like, 'Come on in!' I love aging because of the wisdom you gain. I wish I had this mind with my 20-year-old body."