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Jimmy Fallon Gushes to Mario Lopez: ‘You Killed It!’

Host Jimmy Fallon stopped by Universal Studios Hollywood to laugh with “Extra’s” Mario Lopez about Mario’s appearance in a superb “Saved by the Bell” skit for “The Tonight Show.”

Jimmy Fallon Gushes to Mario Lopez: ‘You Killed It!’
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Fallon gushed with gratitude, “You killed it. You were amazing!” 
He continued, “When you came out as Slater [Mario’s character on the hit ‘90s TV show]… and the audience wouldn’t stop clapping. You had to like, yell, to say your lines so we could move the sketch along. It was such a big applause…. right now, it’s at 10 million hits already on YouTube.” 
Fallon is in L.A. for a special week of “The Tonight Show” and is about to hit the one-year mark as host. “I’m just a lucky guy and I really want people to look at ‘The Tonight show’ the way I used to watch ‘The Tonight Show,’ as a kid. It always was a privilege to watch. I would ask my dad and my mom, ‘Can I stay up, can I stay up late and watch Johnny Carson? Just the monologue, just a couple jokes then I’ll go to bed.’ Then they’d go ‘All right.’ It was a big deal in my house.”  

Jimmy is so thankful for the support of former host Jay Leno. “He gives me advice all the time. I still talk to him. He’s the nicest guy. If it wasn’t for Jay Leno, I wouldn’t have this job.” 
Fallon is also looking forward to returning to his roots and celebrating the 40th anniversary of “Saturday Night Live.” He smiled, “I was a fan of the show way before I was on it. The fact that I get to go to this 40th anniversary… it’s just honestly the most fun party in the world.”
Jimmy hinted he might have something in the works with good pal Justin Timberlake. “I’m working on something, too. I might see Justin Timberlake there.”
As for Timberlake confirming the news he and wife Jessica Biel are expecting their first child, Fallon said, “He’s so excited, man, so excited! They’re going to be great parents, and how lucky is that baby? The baby’s like, ‘Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are my parents? Jackpot!’”
The 40-year-old showed off his own daughters, Winnie, 16 months and Frannie, who was born in December, saying being a daddy is exhausting. “When I have off from work, it’s not off from work. I call my mom and I’m like, ‘I love you. I get it. I get what you did. I understand what you did.’ Oh my gosh, it is so much work.” 
When asked if he and wife Nancy Juvonen want more kids, he proclaimed, “I am not doing any more!” All kidding aside, he continued, “We’re so lucky to have these two little angels. They're just the best thing to ever happen to us.”