Charlize Theron Talks Megyn Kelly’s Emotional Reaction to ‘Bombshell’

“Extra’s” Cheslie Kryst caught up with Charlize Theron at the “Bombshell” premiere in NYC, where she talked about Megyn Kelly’s emotional reaction to the film.

Theron portrays Kelly in the movie, and said, “When it comes to her I'm very sensitive in the sense that I want to be empathetic that this must be a very hard emotional experience for her. So I thought it was kind that she came out and acknowledged that she saw the film and that it was emotional for her and that meant a lot to me.”

Megyn had also said that she would have changed some things about the film, and Charlize wasn’t surprised, saying, “Hey, I would probably want to change things, too, if it was a story that I was involved in.”

“Bombshell” is in theaters now.

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