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What Ginnifer Goodwin Told Husband Josh Dallas After Taking ‘Why Women Kill’ Role

Ginnifer Goodwin and Sam Jaeger are starring in the new Marc Cherry project “Why Women Kill.”

The show takes place in one house, but follows three different women in three different decades.

Ginnifer plays a housewife named Beth Ann, who is married to a cheater named Rob. The pair opened up to “Extra” about their on-screen relationship.

Goodwin said, “Our characters on the surface are the perfect early 1960s couple, but really we are just masking a hell of a lot of pain and damage.” Sam added, “It is that era, too, of a lot of things go unspoken… they are just awakening as society was awakening to the disparity between the sexes and the expectations put on women at that time.”

Ginnifer revealed she hasn’t let her husband Josh Dallas read any of the scripts. She explained, “I went in to meet with Marc Cherry in February… and he walked me through my entire storyline, scene by scene, for 10 episodes, and at the end I said, ‘I’ll take it.’ I went home and my husband said, ‘How did it go?’ and I said, ‘You have to watch it — that’s all I’m going to say. I will tell you nothing for the next five months.’”

Josh and everyone else can tune in August 15 on CBS All Access.

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