Why Koco McAboy Will Never Forget a Brave Female Protester

“Extra’s” Billy Bush spoke with FOX 11 reporter Koco McAboy, who recently covered the protests, riots, and looting in Los Angeles.

When asked if she feared for her life during the weekend coverage, Koco said, “I never felt scared. It was almost like a tale of two protests. You had a really large protest that was peaceful by the pier and then the shopping district — it was something else that unfolded that wasn’t peaceful.”

Koco said one moment in particular will stay with her, explaining, “The image that is going to stick with me the most is a woman who used her body as a shield to block the REI store in Santa Monica. She stood there as she was being yanked by people trying to break in, and she said she didn’t want the message to get buried. It wasn’t about the store, it’s about the message, and I’m just never going to forget her bravery.”

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