“Extra’s” Jenn Lahmers spoke with Elizabeth Smart as she promoted her Lifetime series “Elizabeth Smart: Finding Justice.”

Sunday night, Smart brings attention to kidnapping survivor Candra Torres, who was held captive by her husband’s killer, in an episode entitled “The Brainwashed Bride.” When first interviewed by detectives, Torres lied to back up her kidnapper’s story, but why?

Smart explained, “Taking my own case, for instance, I consciously remember that first day thinking in my head, ‘Okay, these people could kill me’ and I thought, ‘Well, I imagine it's harder to kill someone that you like, so if I do everything that they say...' For her, it was a subconscious decision to do whatever he said because she didn’t want to die.”

“Elizabeth Smart: Finding Justice” airs Sunday night on Lifetime.


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