Breland Talks Genre-Bending Music and ‘Cross Country’

Breland is opening up about his skyrocketing career, genre-bending music, and “Land of Bre” Apple Music Country radio show in a new interview with “Extra” Senior Music Correspondent Adam Weissler.

The star, real name Daniel Breland, also went into detail about music hybrids he now calls “cross country.”

“Cross country is the fusion of country at its core with all of the other genres of music that we know and love. There are a million different ways it could sound,” he said, pointing out you can combine country with blues, R&B, pop, hip-hop, rock, reggae — the sky’s the limit.

He’s also curious to see “what cross country has the potential to do culturally in terms of in uniting people that might not normally be in the space or listening to the same music.”

Watch the video for more with Breland!

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