‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Sneak Peek! Garrick’s Sleepover with Dannielle & Roberta

“Extra” has a sneak peek at the new episode of “Seeking Sister Wife”!

In the video, we see Garrick Merrifield in bed with Dannielle and Roberta while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas.

It turns out Roberta didn’t want Dannielle to be alone on their first night in Mexico and invited her to join them for an innocent sleepover.

Dannielle appreciated the gesture, knowing the slumber party meant Garrick and Roberta would have to delay being intimate that first night in Mexico. It is later revealed, however, that they actually snuck in a quickie after Dannielle ran back to her room to get her pajamas!

As fans know, Garrick and Dannielle had to get legally divorced in order to welcome Roberta, who is from Brazil, into their plural family with a K-1 visa.

Watch TLC’s “Seeking Sister Wife” on Monday at 8 p.m.

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