Rachel McAdams Dishes on Cross-Country Road Trip with Son, Plus: Her New ‘Eurovision’ Movie

Actress Rachel McAdams just braved a cross-country road trip with a toddler!

She told “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson, “I’ve actually been in an RV for eight days, driving from the East Coast to the West Coast… at first everyone was like, ‘You’re insane, that’s insane. Why would you do that?’ I started to think they were right, but we survived and it was an awesome adventure. It was great to be on the open road after being cooped up for so long.”

McAdams, who has a son with Jamie Linden, recalled going on a similar trip as a teen with her parents and siblings, driving through Canada’s Maritime provinces, but insisted, “This one was a lot more work with a 2-year-old.”

Rachel also dished on her new Netflix movie “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga,” which just dropped today.

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