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Royal Photographer Shares Personal Photos of Queen Elizabeth II from Balmoral (Exclusive)

Working a jigsaw puzzle, walking her beloved corgis and lounging by the fireplace — these are among the most personal photographs of the late Queen Elizabeth II ever captured.

“Extra” Special Correspondent Marissa Montgomery spoke with her dad, royal photographer David Montgomery, about his magical day capturing photos of Her Majesty at Balmoral Castle in 1967.

Of the revolutionary photos, David said, “She’s never been done like that. She’s always been done in a very royal way.”

As for their first meeting at Balmoral, David recalled, “The equerry came and said, ‘You address her as ‘Ma’am’ and next thing I knew, she appeared and she was quite tiny and petite. Remember, there was no makeup and hair, not like [how] things are now. She did everything herself, she had a brooch on that you could probably buy a nice eight-bedroom house with, and we started shooting.”

David discussed one specific photo of the Queen sitting in front of a fireplace, saying, “She sat down on the floor, in front of the electric fire, and I thought, ‘Oh, my God, God is with me today,’ because that really made the picture.”

David described the Queen with one simple word: “Unique.”

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