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Dean Cain Sets the Record Straight on Ashley Judd

Actor Dean Cain woke up on Wednesday to find out that he was the subject of a Twitter controversy.

During our Thursday morning meeting, “Extra’s” Billy Bush FaceTimed with Dean, who commented on a Twitter video of Ashley Judd showing her support for Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren during a fundraising campaign. Dean, a Republican, tweeted, “I’m not exactly sure what to say here… I certainly have nothing positive to say, so I’ll be quiet.”

Some Twitter users took his comments to mean that he was insulting Judd’s physical appearance. Dean cleared the air, telling Billy, “I made zero comment about Ashley at all… I’m commenting on the inauthentic campaign by Elizabeth Warren, calling this grassroots. Nothing screams authenticity and grassroots like having a millionaire actress make your donor phone calls. It’s ridiculous. It’s actually a perfect irony.”

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