Fin Argus Reflects on What He Learned Playing Zach Sobiech in ‘Clouds’

Fin Argus is opening up to “Extra’s” Adam Weissler about what he learned playing Zach Sobiech in the new Disney+ movie “Clouds.”

“Clouds” is the true story of high school senior Zach, who sets out to make an album after he learns his cancer has spread and he has only six months to live.

Fin told Adam, “Something that I have internalized… since filming is a newfound respect for just daily life. Moment by moment, appreciating where you are, and just the fact that you are alive. Zach handled his terminal diagnosis with so much strength and grace, especially for a 17- year-old. He was wise beyond his years. He set a perfect example for what it looks like to face adversity with a smile and with love.”

The movie, which also stars Sabrina Carpenter and Lil Rel Howery, is streaming now on Disney+.

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