Mel Gibson on Playing Santa with a Bad Back, Mortgage, and Marital Problems in ‘Fatman’

Actor Mel Gibson is a not-so-jolly Santa in the twisted comedy “Fatman”!

He’s trying to save his declining business, but runs into trouble when an evil 12-year-old boy hires a hitman to kill him over a lump of coal.

Mel, who was joined by co-stars Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Chance Hurstfield, opened up to “Extra’s” Jenn Lahmers about his take on Saint Nick. He explained, “For me, it was taking an iconic character and examining the reality of who that guy might really be if he had the rest of the problems the most of the world has, like if he has a mortgage to pay, if he’s got a sore back, if he’s fighting with his wife. It examines the humanity of who Santa Claus might be without the big fantasy legend.”

“Fatman” is in theaters now.

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