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Ludacris on Rumors Paul Walker’s Daughter Will Appear in a Future ‘Fast & Furious’

“Extra’s” Terri Seymour caught up with Ludacris at the Hollywood premiere of “F9!”

Luda said his daughters were “so proud” of the movie and that they “brag to everybody.” He joked, “They bragged to the wrong person. They went to Vin’s kids and said, ‘My daddy’s movie’s coming out.’ Little did they know, it’s because of their daddy that I’m in this movie!”

He also reacted to the rumor that Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow might star in a future film. “She’s been on set. She’s been integral in a lot of the decisions that have been made, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all,” Luda said. “Keeping Paul’s legacy alive at all costs.”

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