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‘Love Is Blind’ Couple SK and Raven on How They Got Back Together Following Wedding Breakup (Exclusive)

SK Alagbada is explaining his decision to say no to Raven Ross at their “Love Is Blind’ Season 3 wedding!

“Extra’s’ Katie Krause” spoke with SK about his tough decision and the status of their relationship now. He said, “I think the biggest thing that pushed me over the line or didn't push me over the line was, you know, lots of the fundamental differences we had on major things that were important to me are important in our relationship. I just felt like in the moment adding a marriage on top of that would not make those problems go away, or at least make those differences get resolved. We had different opinions on the role family plays in a relationship or in a marriage. The fact of her not being open or flexible to moving to California was also big, amongst other things.”

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