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Kelly Clarkson & Girl Named Tom Celebrate Their Win on ‘The Voice’

On Tuesday, “Extra” spoke with Kelly Clarkson and Girl Named Tom after they won Season 21 of “The Voice.”

While Kelly raved about them, Caleb, Bekah and Josh opened up about what it meant to be the first group to win the show!

Bekah shared, ‘It’s crazy… We’ve always wanted to be like the next Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.”

Josh added, “It’s been so special not only to win, but to see our music be appreciated by fans… Please stay with us — we have a lot of songs we care deeply about and we’ll hopefully get them out to you soon.”

Bekah gushed about working with Kelly, who she says has stressed the importance of working hard. She shared, ‘[Kelly]’s an amazing example of someone who has kept reinventing herself and she’s so versatile.”

Kelly chimed in, “That’s one of my favorite things about y’all, musically… Y’all are unafraid to tap into any genre.”

“You’re very similar to me like right up until the end. You want to, like, perfect it,” Kelly added. “You want it to be as great as it can be.”

Appearing on eight seasons, Kelly has won four times on “The Voice,” noting, “I have a better [winning] percentage than [Blake] Shelton. We’re friends, so I get to rub that in.”

Kelly joked that she’s gonna take a pic with the winning trophy and send it to her fellow judges through group text. She said, “I’m not gonna say anything. Just, like, a picture says a thousand words.”

Clarkson admitted with a smile on her face that her “biggest fear” is that their group texts get leaked! Without going into the contents of the texts, she said, “We’re just like brothers and sisters on it… You say certain things with those people you maybe shouldn’t say everywhere.”

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