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Kane Brown Talks Being a Dad and Gushes Over Baby Kingsley’s Big Smiles

It was a big night for country music at the CMT Awards, and a big night for one of the show’s hosts, Kane Brown.

Kane, who made it a date night with his wife Katelyn, told “Extra” special correspondent Alecia Davis, “I'm just glad to be out of the house. I think this is kind of getting back to normal a little bit… It's just nice to be out of the house, dressing up. It's been good.”

Brown also gushed over being a dad to 1-year-old Kingsley, talking about how much it meant “getting to be there” after “growing up without a dad.” Kane added he loves “to see the way my wife is a mom, which is amazing.”

Alecia commented, “She's got cheeks for days.” Kane replied, “Oh, yeah, biggest smile and biggest expressions.”

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