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Jamie-Lynn Sigler Would Do ‘Sopranos’ Again ‘In a Heartbeat’

Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler chatted with “Extra’s” Billy Bush about her “Sopranos” Super Bowl LVI commercial for Chevrolet, which reunited her with TV brother Robert Iler.

The commercial was a Super Bowl fan favorite, with Billy calling her the “MVP of the Super Bowl.” Jamie-Lynn smiled, responding, “I’ll take it!”

Jamie opened up about paying homage to James Gandolfini by recreating his drive from New York to New Jersey. Calling it the “best secret” she ever had to keep, Jamie-Lynn said, “I remember Sunday night right before we knew it was gonna air, Rob and I just texted each other. It’s just really exciting. ‘Sopranos’ is something where we always end up coming back together. Every time we think it’s done or it’s probably the last thing we’ll do associated with it, there’s always something new… This commercial was such a unique experience and something obviously I’ll remember forever.”

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