Ricky Gervais’ Humorous Take on Emmy Loss as He’s Honored for Animal Welfare Work

Ricky Gervais didn’t win an Emmy this year, but the roast master is still surprised he was nominated for hosting the Golden Globes. “Extra’s” Special Correspondent Alyssa Julya Smith chatted with Ricky about the award he did win: a Creative Coalition honor for his work with animal welfare.

Putting his funny spin on the Emmy nom, he said, “You can’t expect those things. I’ve been nominated 24 times. And I’ve won twice. I see that as losing 22 Emmys!”

As for his award for his animal activism, Gervais shared, “I think animals are unconditionally perfect. I’ve never understood animal cruelty. And for me, it’s what a platform is for — to use your voice for those who haven’t got one.”

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