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George Clooney Jokes Ben Affleck Is Campaigning to Be Sexiest Man Alive… Again!

It was date night for George Clooney and wife and Amal at the premiere of “The Tender Bar.” George, who produced and directed the film, chatted with “Extra’s” Jenn Lahmers while on his “big date night.”

Of course, Jenn couldn’t let him go without mentioning that George and “The Tender Bar” star Ben Affleck have both played Batman. “It’s like dueling Batmans,” she said.

George took it one step further, saying, “And dueling Sexiest Man Alive. He's only got one. You know what I'm saying?” noting that he’s a two-time Sexiest Man Alive himself.

Clooney joked that Ben was hoping for a repeat, saying, “He's running a really big campaign this year. He really wants it.”

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