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Friend Says Amie Harwick Knew Her Ex-BF Was ‘Really Dangerous’

Moushumi Ghose, a friend of Amie Harwick, spoke with “Extra’s” Billy Bush about Amie and her ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse.

Pursehouse is suspected of causing his ex-girlfriend’s fatal fall from a third-floor balcony of her Hollywood Hills home on Saturday. He was arrested, but hasn’t entered a plea. He is now out on $2 million bail, and is due back in court on March 10.

“She was scared of him for a really long time,” Ghose told Billy. "He basically used to try and sabotage her work… her career, her friendships.”

Ghose added, “She knew he was really dangerous.”

Amie was a Hollywood sex therapist and was formerly engaged to Drew Carey.

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