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Chrissy Metz’s Take on Kate & Toby’s Divorce and Major Deaths on ‘This Is Us’

“Extra’s” Katie Krause caught up with Chrissy Metz Tuesday at the final-season premiere of “This is Us” in L.A., where she discussed what’s in store for her character Kate.

On the Season 5 finale, it was revealed that Kate was calling it quits with Toby, played by Chris Sullivan.

Chrissy said, “We sort of see the writing on the wall when, obviously, Toby has to have a new job and, obviously, the pandemic and then the conception of, you know, Jack and then, obviously, his living with a disability and all those things, like, really affect a relationship.”

“People either grow together or they grow apart, and that’s a tough pill to swallow, but I do think that the bittersweet aspect of any relationship, like, you’re forever changed by the person that you are in a relationship with and Kate is forever changed by Toby,” Chrissy added.

In a recent interview, Chrissy teased that there will be two characters dying in the final season. She quipped, “It’s really life on life’s terms. This show is like a blueprint for life and how do we get through it?”

Chrissy noted that Kate will be “okay.”

As for how the show ends, Chrissy believes there will be “a lot of contentment” from fans.

Chrissy admitted that she’s feeling “all sorts of things” about the show ending, adding, “It’s nostalgia, there’s joy, there’s sadness, there’s just so much gratitude.”

Would Chrissy be down for a spin-off or movie for “This Is Us”? She answered, “I would love a movie… I think it’d be really cute when we’re, like, 50 to, like, reunite, see what’s going on with the Pearson/Damon family.”

Metz is also into the idea of a spin-off, saying, “It would be so cool to like either come in and out of our show when we follow the kids.”

Chrissy also dished on her holiday plans with boyfriend Bradley Collins, saying, “We’re gonna go hang out with some family… We’re gonna make a lot of food, like, cookies and playing holiday games… really hibernate.”

“This Is Us” returns January 4 on NBC.

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