Dr. Phil’s Advice on How to Be Mentally Strong During Coronavirus Crisis

“Extra’s” Billy Bush FaceTimed with Dr. Phil McGraw, who gave tips on how to overcome the mental and physical toll of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Phil stressed, “We need to be living as much of a normal routine as we possibly can.”

“We cannot be locked on this television watching all this dread.. I'm not asking people to be in denial... get the facts, check in, they're not going to change in 12 hours,” Dr. Phil explained. “If you spend all day obsessed with a 30-minute news cycle that runs 24 hours a day, you can really become obsessed and get into what is called confirmation bias where you get the belief this is a horrible situation. That's never going to change and you just keep reinforcing that to the point where you just never can change your opinion.”

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