Actress Cynthia Erivo opened up to emmy magazine about playing Aretha Franklin in the new Nat Geo limited series “Genius: Aretha.”

How did she capture the Detroit legend’s voice? In a behind-the-scenes video from emmy mag, she shared, “I’m lucky because it feels like a lot of her songs are written in the right key for me… so I’m not having to push too hard, I’m not having to pull back that much. There are certain qualities that she has in her voice, there are certain words that she pronounces slightly differently. It is going to sound like me when you hear it but I’m going to try to pull it away from what you hear normally… try and move toward sounding like her.”

“Genius: Aretha” does not have a release date yet, but you can read more about Cynthia’s performance and how she landed the role in the new issue of emmy magazine, on newsstands Oct. 20.


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