Muhammad Ali’s Family Believes Colin Kaepernick Is ‘Praying Hard’ During Nationwide Protests

“Extra’s” Billy Bush spoke with boxing champion/civil rights activist Muhammad Ali’s daughter Khaliah Ali and his grandson Jacob Ali-Wertheimer about the unrest in our country.

Muhammad Ali passed away four years ago, months before Colin Kaepernick took a knee for the first time. Khaliah said, “Our family supported Colin Kaepernick from day one. We think of him as family. The parallels between his life and my father's life are undeniable.”

When Billy noted that Colin has been quiet during the recent outcry over George Floyd’s killing, Khaliah commented, “He is a very prayerful man. He and his girlfriend Nessa. And I think they're sitting back and praying hard on this and thinking about what they're gonna do so it's purposeful.”

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