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Bill O’Reilly Has Some Advice for Trump If He Wants to Win Sunday’s Debate

TV host and author Bill O’Reilly has some advice for Donald Trump!

“Extra” caught up with O’Reilly at the “Killing Reagan” premiere in NYC, where he shared some words of wisdom for Trump ahead of the presidential hopeful’s upcoming debate against Hillary Clinton.

“Trump needs to be a little more authoritative on one hand… but then a little self-deprecating, a little more human,” Bill said.

He added, “If he doesn't do well, he's not going to win. So this is it tor Trump on Sunday.”

“Killing Reagan” is a new National Geographic movie premiering October 16 based on O’Reilly’s book by the same name. The project, about the attempted Reagan assassination in 1981, stars Tim Matheson as Reagan and Cynthia Nixon as his wife Nancy. They told us they both support Hillary.

Matheson told us, “She is qualified. I don't know about him.” Cynthia gushed, “I am rooting for Hillary.”

Earlier this week, “Extra’s” AJ Calloway was with Clinton, who revealed she wasn’t studying the last debate to prepare for the next.

Clinton told AJ, “Personally, I don’t, because I spend so much time preparing to do it... and I get great feedback. My staff is ruthless.”

She added, “They start out… ‘You did a great job... maybe you could’ve…' and then they give me their advice. That's good because I need it.”

The next presidential debate is set for Sunday, October 9, at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET.

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