Cubs Superfan Jenny McCarthy Does the World Series ‘Extra’-Style!

“Extra” had Jenny McCarthy at the Cubs vs. Indians World Series, where she mingled with fans and supported her favorite team!

McCarthy was hosting her self-titled Sirius XM radio show from Wrigley Field, where she talked to fans about their excitement.

“How long have you been waiting for this moment?” the Illinois native asked.

“My whole life — 45 years,” one fan replied.

“I proposed to my wife 26 years ago at a Dodgers vs. Cubs game,” said another.

Actors Bill Murray and Vince Vaughn were also there. Murray declared, “We came here to win this ball game!”

The Indians are leading the series 3-2, but Jenny is optimistic about Game 6. “We've been called lovable losers, but not anymore. We're lovable winners!”

Jenny also took some time to chat about her “Donnie Loves Jenny” series, the reality show she co-starred in with husband Donnie Wahlberg. “Another season of ‘Donnie Loves Jenny’ might happen when Evan is in college,” she said, referring to her 14-year-old son, who wanted nothing to do with the cameras.

Jenny was also keeping score when she proudly boasted about hubby Donnie’s Guinness World Record of how many selfies he took in three minutes. “122 selfies. There is no one that can beat him. If they do, I guarantee it, he will try year after year,” she stated. “Kim Kardashian? Dust! Dust compared to him,” she joked, making stomping motions with her feet.

Game 6 of the World Series is tonight in Cleveland.

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