Kate Beckinsale Reveals the Unique Way She Celebrated Her 45th Birthday

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with Kate Beckinsale at her debut as the first US Ambassador for UK’s Russel Hobbs Appliances. The event took place just weeks after Kate’s 45th birthday.

Beckinsale revealed the unique way she celebrated… goat yoga!

“I saw they had goat yoga, and I love yoga, and I’m, you know, keen-ish on goats, so we did that.”

It didn’t work out so well for her ex-boyfriend Michael Sheen, who was there for the yoga session. Beckinsale said, “My daughter’s dad [Sheen] – who I’m not in a relationship with anymore – was the only one that got droppings on his mat… so it worked out well.”

Watch the video for more with Kate!

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