Unite 4 Humanity! Matthew McConaughey Is Teaching His Kids About Giving Back

Matthew McConaughey was recently honored for his work with J.K. Livin’ Foundation at the 3rd Annual unite4:humanity gala.

With the foundation, McConaughey is able to help kids from lower income families around the world. Not only is he helping those in need, he is also teaching his kids the art of giving back. At the gala, he shared backstage to “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson, “They get to hear things, people saying, kids saying, 'I'm thankful I have this,' or ,'I'm thankful I have that.' And my kids are going, 'Well, we have that. I've never thought of being thankful for that. I thought everyone had that,' and so they're reminded, 'No, that's not a given."'

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