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'Fuller House' Men on Their Special 35-Year Relationship

The men of “Fuller House” are still great friends after 35 years together, and now they're celebrating the release of season 2!

John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier caught up with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh at the Goodwill of Orange County Gala, where the trio chatted about the massive success they've had through the years, and their friendship.

John said to the group, "Thirty-five years ago, did you think like we'd be standing here, you know together?” Bob replied, “We actually crazy love each other. I mean it's like stupid. I mean I met him when he was 17.”

The first season of the Netflix show raked in more than 14 million viewers per episode in the first month alone. Bob said the success is due, in part, to families being able to watch together. “Children can watch it and it has morality stories, and they can discuss it with their parents, and a lot of single parents have told us for years, a lot of widows, widowers, can say that our kids get to watch it.”

Season 2 premieres Friday on Netflix.

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