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What Tracy Morgan Learned from His Near-Death Accident

Tracy Morgan is hitting the big screen for the first time since his serious car accident.

The comedian and actor chatted with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh about the incident and his new film “Fist Fight”

When talking about the accident, he said, "I was breathing on a machine for 10 days. Then they wanted to put a hole in my neck."

He has had a long recovery, but he is getting back to his normal life, sharing, "I’ve learned when you're facing death and all that, learn not to take it for granted. I ain’t gonna do that this trip.”

For “Fist Fight,” Tracy teamed up with Ice Cube and Jillian Bell. Ice Cube plays a tough guy in the film, but does admit to being a softie in real life. “When the check clears, when my favorite show’s on TV, when the Raiders win, I'm a pussycat.”

“Fist Fight” hits theaters Friday.

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