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Dwayne Johnson Plays a God in the Movies… at Home Is a Different Story!

Dwayne Johnson is taking full advantage of being a demigod in his new animated Disney movie “Moana,” but life for him at home still includes doing the dirty work!

When asked if playing a god in the movie has helped him at home, Johnson told “Extra’s” Renee Bargh, "At home, yes, I get the great benefit of still picking up all the dog s**t. That's my thing. Diapers… we have an 11-month-old baby. I take great pride in that for some reason.”

Johnson is also taking pride in his voice, singing to his bundle of joy. He shared, “I sing to her every morning."

Renee also caught up with Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote a song for Johnson for the movie!

Catch “Moana” in theaters November 23.

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