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Life Imitating Art? Why Rami Malek Needs to Buy a Prepaid Phone

“Extra” recently caught up with Golden Globes nominees Christian Slater and Rami Malek at a SAG-AFTRA Foundation event, where they dished on the upcoming third season of their hit show “Mr. Robot.”

Slater revealed he was anxiously waiting for a call from show creator Sam Esmail, saying, “When he makes that phone call to give us the outline of the next season, it’s something to really look forward to.”

Once Sam is ready to talk to the cast about the upcoming season, he is taking measures to maintain the secrecy of the storylines. Rami, who plays a hacker on the show, joked, "He told me to buy my prepaid phone.”

Esmail recently revealed on Twitter that he had President-elect Donald Trump in mind when he created Evil Corp and the epic monologue in the pilot episode for Rami. Rami says he had no idea who Sam’s inspiration was! He said, "Sam has his perspective on this. The world is surreal — I think this story is just art imitating life in certain ways."

“Mr. Robot” returns for its third season next year on USA Network.

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