Mary J. Blige on 'Going Through Hell' During Her Marriage… and Surviving!

Singer Mary J. Blige is getting candid about her life with her new music. The Queen of Hip-Hop sat down with “Extra’s” Tracey Edmonds, opening up about her divorce and her new album “Strength of a Woman.”

Mary, who has been the subject of a cheating scandal while dealing with the end of her 13-year marriage, explained that the title of the album actually came to her when she was fighting for her marriage a few years ago. She said, “Me living through my trials… I was going through hell, my business was all over the TV, just ahhh, it was so much stuff going on. I was just very, very alone in that time. I survived that time by learning how to love myself and pulling myself out of everything, so the title 'Strength of a Woman' came from me understanding my strength as a woman, not from this divorce, the divorce stuff came later."

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