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Charissa Thompson's Mom Tells All About Her Daughter’s Childhood Secrets

Cathy Thompson, mother of “Extra” co-host Charisssa Thompson, is revealing some of Charissa’s childhood secrets!

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez caught up with Cathy, who said Charissa “always wanted to be on-air.” Apparently, she even knew her destiny from a very young age; Cathy says of Charissa, “Eleven years old, she got the toilet paper roll, got the video camera. She always wanted to be on TV and that’s what she did. That’s why she left home at 18.”

The youngest of Cathy’s three kids, Charissa would get in trouble at school for “talking too much. Her report cards were great; always talking in class. But you know what? It worked out well for her.”

Watch the video to hear Charissa's childhood nickname!

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