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Corey Hawkins Explains How '24: Legacy’ Will Differ from '24'

Kiefer Sutherland made “24” a must-watch show, and in the spin-off “24: Legacy,” Corey Hawkins is ready to take over for Jack Bauer in the role of Army Ranger Eric Carter.

Corey Hawkins caught up with “Extra” on set, where he made it clear, “This is Eric Carter’s day, and it’s a bad one. No, I’m not playing Jack Bauer, and that was the appeal. I don’t know if anyone can step in and take over that!”

Fans can expect this to be similar to “24” with the same writers and directors, but Corey said, “All this is is an expansion of the world. That part of CTU still exists. Jack Bauer is still where he is, you know?"

“24: Legacy” is set to premiere February 5, serving as the lead-out program for the Super Bowl.

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