Alisyn Camerota Dishes on Her New Novel

Millions of viewers who wake up to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo every weekday morning on “New Day” may not realize Alisyn is multi-talented!

Alisyn just released the new novel “Amanda Wakes Up,” the story of fictional TV journalist Amanda Gallo, loosely based on Camerota herself. She recently sat down with “Extra,” saying, “Yes, Amanda Gallo is based on me, but you know, I’ve had 25-plus years in this business and she’s just starting… but a lot of the things that Amanda goes through, I also went through.”

Like Alisyn, Amanda covers an intense presidential election featuring a Trump-like candidate named Victor Fluke. Surprisingly, she did not base Fluke on Trump... and her actual inspiration for the character may surprise you. Watch!

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