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'Fences' Stars Denzel Washington & Viola Davis Talk Award Nominations

When the leading man and lady are up for Golden Globe and SAG nominations, you know the movie must be good!

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh sat down with Denzel Washington and Viola Davis to talk about their new film “Fences.” Directed by Denzel and set in the 1950s, the movie centers on a man’s unfulfilled dreams and his relationships with his wife played by Viola and his son.

Washington opened up about his own relationships as he revealed, “I didn't know everything there was to know about love, but I married a woman who did and how to share that. So I learned that.” Saying he is not similar to his character Troy, he said, “I'm not a Troy. I love my kids. We kiss. I mean, I kissed my father once in my life and he was on his bed about to die. And he started coughing. And he choked… I'm like, ‘Is he upset that I kissed on him on his forehead?'”

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